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straight white male
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I.  More Introduction
A.   Defining the terms: What's a straight white male?
B.   Learning the terms: Were they taught to you? Can you remember when?
II.  Why gender matters for us, too
A.   Defining the terms: The difference between sex and gender
Women's Rally
B.   How would I look at "gender?" What does it have to do with my life?
Marky Mark
C.   Pink and blue: Don't be a girl, don't be a fag
D.   Relationships: "Men and women can't be friends" and
"A guy can't love another guy"
III.  Watch it in action
A.   Abercrombie & Fitch: Marketing more than the clothes
A&F spread, winter '97, pp. 38-9
B.   On screen: Trainspotting and Chasing Amy
C.   Internet Relay Chat (IRC): Sexual expression and experimentation online
(not developed yet)